How to Calculate Quality of Earnings?

Answer Earnings quality is a very challenging concept. It involves in-depth financial analysis of a company and a great deal of judgment. The most efficient method for calculating earnings quality uses es... Read More »

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What does the term quality of earnings mean?

Quality of earnings refers to whether or not a company's earnings are attributable to their efforts, either by increasing sales or decreasing costs, as opposed to how much can be attributed to exte... Read More »

How to Calculate IRA Earnings?

Investors always want to know how well their investments are performing. Calculating the earnings on your individual retirement account (IRA) is as simple as looking at the difference between what ... Read More »

How do I calculate earnings on a CD?

CD ReturnAdd one to the interest rate per compounding period. For example, an investor has a $1,000 CD that earns 5 percent interest. The CD compounds monthly and matures in two years. Start by div... Read More »

How to Calculate Earnings for APY?

Annual percentage yield, or APY, is the amount an investment makes over the course of a year while factoring in compounding. Compounding takes the interest made in one month and adds it to the prin... Read More »