How to Calculate Q of Reaction?

Answer In chemistry, Q is the reaction quotient. It is used to determine which direction a reaction will proceed by comparing it to the equilibrium constant, Kc. At equilibrium, the forward reaction and t... Read More »

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How to Calculate Moles in a Reaction?

A mole is a the quantity of a substance equal to Avogadro's Number, approximately 6.022 --- 10^23. Scientists use the mole measurement because it provides a means to express large quantities with e... Read More »

How to Calculate Reaction Times With a Ruler?

Reaction time refers to how long it takes you to respond to external stimuli, such as a gun going off or you seeing the driver ahead of you slam on your brakes. If you have a fast reaction time, yo... Read More »

Why do you calculate the average equilibrium constants after a reaction?

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How to Calculate the Order of Reaction in Chemical Kinetics?

Chemical kinetics is primarily concerned with the physical metrics of chemical reactions. Common subjects in chemical kinetics include reaction rates, thermodynamics and chemical equilibriums. Chem... Read More »