How to Calculate Pulse Pressure?

Answer A pulse pressure is the difference between your systolic and diastolic pressures. That is to say, the difference between the top number and the bottom number of your blood pressure.EG: 110/68110 is... Read More »

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Can I calculate my blood pressure using my pulse rate Is there a formula?

Yes, you can calculate your blood pressure(s) from your pulse rate, so (1)Yes, you can ,and so "ce_ben 1" is wrong, and (2) it IS possible and so "oaf-girl" is wrong and (3) they ... Read More »

Blood pressure 87/43 pulse 90. Is it too low?

Individual variation is not unusual. If symptomatic ignore it.

My blood pressure is always normal (110/60) but my pulse is 120+.?

constantly if the pule is more than 120 you should get the complete cardiac evaluation done and also check the thyroid hormones. deranged thyroid hormone likely to cause tachycardia

What are the causes of increased pulse pressure?

Pulse pressure is defined as the difference between the two blood pressure readings, systolic and diastolic. It is an important number because an increased value could signal potentially serious he... Read More »