How to Calculate Pulse Energy?

Answer Pulse energy is calculated using information about the laser pulse's width, average power, repetition rate, duration, capacitance, peak voltage, wavelength and more. Different pulses require differ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Pulse Pressure?

A pulse pressure is the difference between your systolic and diastolic pressures. That is to say, the difference between the top number and the bottom number of your blood pressure.EG: 110/68110 is... Read More »

Can I calculate my blood pressure using my pulse rate Is there a formula?

Yes, you can calculate your blood pressure(s) from your pulse rate, so (1)Yes, you can ,and so "ce_ben 1" is wrong, and (2) it IS possible and so "oaf-girl" is wrong and (3) they ... Read More »

How to Calculate Bond Energy?

Chemistry happens on the atomic level. In order to fully understand chemistry, it is necessary to count by atoms and molecules, rather than weights. Bond energy is an important concept in chemistry... Read More »

How to Calculate Flow Energy?

Flow energy usually represents the forces of gravity, pressure, heat, mechanical systems or some combination of these applied to a mass of fluid, vapor or gas over a period of time. This causes th... Read More »