How to Calculate Power of 2?

Answer Raising a number to the power of 2 is also called squaring a number, which means you must multiply the number by itself. The result equals the number squared. The power of 2 is designated by an exp... Read More »

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How to Calculate LED Power?

If you're designing an electronic system that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs), calculating LED power is useful because the power your LEDs require will determine how long your battery will last. ... Read More »

How to Calculate Mechanical Power?

Mechanical power is power generated by machines like engines, muscles, levers or pulleys. It is distinct from other types of power, such as electrical or nuclear power, which are measured in differ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Power in Math?

A power in math is also known as an exponent. An exponent multiplies the base number, the larger-font number, by itself as many times as the exponent, the smaller-font number above the base number.... Read More »

How to Calculate Statistical Power?

Statistical power refers to the likelihood that a test will detect a significant effect. It is also defined as the probability that a statistical test will correctly reject a null hypothesis that i... Read More »