How to Calculate Percentages Mentally?

Answer A percentage is a fraction of 100 and is commonly used to express the relationship between two numbers. You can easily calculate percentages using a calculator or manually using a pen and paper. At... Read More »

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How to Calculate Percentages?

Percentages are all around us—from 3.4% APR to BUY NOW AND SAVE 30%! It's good to know what they are, what they mean, and how to calculate them. It's not as difficult as you might think, and we'l... Read More »

How Do I Calculate Multiple Percentages?

Percentages represent ratios as being out of 100. For example, 34 percent of balls are purple means that 34 out of every 100 balls will be purple. When you have a percent, you can find the amount m... Read More »

How to Calculate Winning Percentages?

In baseball, a team can either win or lose. During the year, baseball standings provide winning percentage. The winning percentage is the probability a team won a game. For example, if a team ha... Read More »

How to Calculate Averages of Percentages?

A percentage is a proportion (or ratio) that states the number of parts or items per 100. For example, if 37 percent of the pencils in a box of 100 pencils are red, this means 37 of the pencils ar... Read More »