How to Calculate Percentage of Completion Method?

Answer Percent of completion method is an accounting term that is used primarily for construction companies. In accounting, you want to try matching your expenses with the revenue you produce, so the perc... Read More »

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How to Figure Out Completion Percentage in Fallout 3 for Playstation 3?

When you reach "100% Completion" in the game "Fallout 3" for the PlayStation 3, you have unlocked all available trophies. You receive trophies for completing certain tasks, like disarming the bomb ... Read More »

How to Calculate Completion Rates?

Completion rate is a term used by educational institutions to track statistics on course completions. It compares course credits attempted versus course credits completed. From these statistics, i... Read More »

How to Calculate the Value of a Given Percentage?

A percent equals the part divided by the whole. So, with percentages you are looking at just part of a value. In order to find the value of a given percentage, you need to know the whole number you... Read More »

How to Calculate a Percentage of a Whole?

A percentage figure represents the number of parts per one hundred a portion amount corresponds to. For example, "75 percent" is another way of saying "75 parts per 100." To calculate a percentage,... Read More »