How to Calculate Percent of Rise?

Answer The percentage rise measures the amount of increase based on a starting amount and a period of time. For example, you might want to calculate the percentage rise of a stock price since you purchase... Read More »

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How to Calculate Rise Over Run Online?

A rise-over-run calculator divides your rise by your run and then uses tan-1 to calculate the angle of the slope. With rise and run, you need to imagine a right triangle with the 90-degree angle on... Read More »

How to Calculate Torque Rise?

When your tractor hits rough ground and starts to stall, the engine often gives an extra kick to keep it running. This extra power is "torque rise," or "backup," and the more you have, the more pow... Read More »

How to Calculate Rise & Slope?

The slope of a straight line is equal to the slope's rise divided by its run. The rise and run can both be established by viewing the straight line on a graph. The rise over run equation can be use... Read More »

How to Calculate the Rise Over Run of a Line?

The rise over run of a line, also known as the slope, measures the change in the y-value for each unit the x-value changes. You need to know the slope to report the line's equation in slope-interce... Read More »