How to Calculate Percent Ratios?

Answer A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. In a percent ratio, the two numbers represent a group and a subset of that group. Many ratios are expressed as a percentage. Common percentages you hear abou... Read More »

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How to Find the Percent of Ratios?

Ratios are a comparison between to amounts. Ratios are seen in various fields of study and used to determine, plan and monitor a wide variety of items. When reading a ratio, replace the colon symbo... Read More »

How to Calculate X to Y Ratios?

The ratio of x and y means x divided by y. The ratio shows the size of one value compared to another, which can be useful for all kinds of purposes, such as finding the slope of a hill or graph, or... Read More »

How to Calculate Atomic Ratios?

Atomic ratios are important figures used in science in several situations. The most important is comparing the abundance of isotopes for use in radiocarbon dating or radioactive-decay experiments. ... Read More »

How to Calculate Axle Ratios?

"Axle ratio" is the common term for the reduction in the gear ratio of most implementations of mechanical differential drive axles in cars, trucks and tractors. These drive axle mechanisms receive ... Read More »