How to Calculate Parent Time Percentages?

Answer Divorce is never easy, and there are no completely innocent parties except perhaps the children. A major component of the divorce process is the custody of the kids. If the parents both reside in... Read More »

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How do you calculate the time percentage each parent being with the child when the child has school and one parent sends the child to the school while the other picks him up when school is over?

The amount of hours with each parent, minus time at school. see link

In the state of Ohio does a child have to live with a parent 50 percent of the time in order for that parent to be considered a Residential Parent?

Answer I live in Ohio and I do believe the child in question must live with the parent MORE than 50% of the year for that particular parent to be "the Residential Parent". In my case, it was descr... Read More »

How to Calculate Percentages?

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How to Calculate Percentages for Sales?

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