How to Calculate Organic Extraction Yield?

Answer One of the most used, and simplest purification methods in chemistry is an extraction, where a solution with the crude mixture dissolved in it is mixed with an non-miscible solvent that the product... Read More »

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How to Calculate CD Yield?

There are two different types of investors: risk friendly and risk averse. Those that are risk friendly are often willing to take on additional risk for the opportunity to make a significant return... Read More »

How to Calculate After Tax Yield?

The after tax yield for an investment is the amount that an investor will actually get from that investment after all of the taxes have been taken out. Investors can figure out their yield in relat... Read More »

How to Calculate Tax-Equivalent Yield?

Taxes are an inevitable part of living in a community. They help pay for roads, schools and other shared community resources. Taxes must be paid on the income made from investments as well. However... Read More »

How to Calculate Percentage Yield?

Interest rates can either be stated as the annual percentage rate or the annual percentage yield. The annual percentage rate represents the sum of the periodic rates for the year. For example, if a... Read More »