How to Calculate Organic Extraction Yield?

Answer One of the most used, and simplest purification methods in chemistry is an extraction, where a solution with the crude mixture dissolved in it is mixed with an non-miscible solvent that the product... Read More »

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How to Calculate CD Yield?

There are two different types of investors: risk friendly and risk averse. Those that are risk friendly are often willing to take on additional risk for the opportunity to make a significant return... Read More »

How to Calculate Yield Curve?

Yield curve is the difference in interest rates for bonds that have the same risk but different maturity dates. This means that yield curve can partially predict the future activity of the economy ... Read More »

How to Calculate Effective Yield?

In the world of finance and investments, two types of yield are the periodic yield and the effective yield. The periodic yield is the yield for the period (i.e., month, semiannual), while the effec... Read More »

How to Calculate Yield to Maturity?

Yield to Maturity (YTM) for a bond is the total return, interest plus capital gain, obtained from a bond held to maturity. Yield to maturity is a useful measure of the attractiveness of a seasoned ... Read More »