How to Calculate NOL for the Year?

Answer When a business has more deductions than income during its operating year, it may have a net operating loss, according to the Internal Revenue Service. While personal deductions may be used to calc... Read More »

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How do I calculate days in the year?

Figuring Leap YearsAside from leap years, every year has 365 days. Leap years include an extra day, Feb. 29, bringing the total to 366. The Gregorian calendar system, in use since the mid-1700s, ha... Read More »

How to Calculate Age Based on Year?

If you want to determine age based on years, you need to know what year it is and what year the person's birthday is. Without exact dates, however, you cannot accurately calculate his birthday, but... Read More »

How to Calculate a 30 Year Mortgage?

So you're thinking of buying a home, and want to make sure it's affordable. After deciding how much you want to spend on your house, and how long you want your mortgage to run, make sure you consid... Read More »

How to Calculate Bond Rate One Year From Now?

Investing in bonds is one of the many financial tools in the market. Bonds are a form of debt security, where the investors buy the bond from the issuer, who in return pays the investor regular cou... Read More »