How to Calculate Modulus?

Answer Modulus is the ability of a material to resist stretching, compressing and shearing forces imposed on it by exterior causes. The modulus defines the amount that the material will deform under such ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Young's Modulus?

Young Modulus is stress divided by strain.

What is bulk modulus?

In fluid mechanics, bulk modulus is a term used to define the compressibility of a fluid. Uniform external pressure is applied to the fluid to determine its bulk modulus.SignificanceApplied pressur... Read More »

How to Calculate a P&L?

A Profit and Loss (P&L) statement summarizes the sales, costs, and expenses over a period of time to arrive at a final net profit or net loss value. Also known as the income statement or the statem... Read More »

How to Calculate GPA?

Unfortunately there is no universal way to calculate grade point average (GPA). Indeed, GPA calculation methods vary by country and by institution, as some give extra points for honors classes and ... Read More »