How to Calculate Modulus?

Answer Modulus is the ability of a material to resist stretching, compressing and shearing forces imposed on it by exterior causes. The modulus defines the amount that the material will deform under such ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Young's Modulus?

Young Modulus is stress divided by strain.

What is bulk modulus?

In fluid mechanics, bulk modulus is a term used to define the compressibility of a fluid. Uniform external pressure is applied to the fluid to determine its bulk modulus.SignificanceApplied pressur... Read More »

How to Calculate COS?

The cosine, abbreviated as COS, is a ratio of sides of a triangle. When asked to calculate the "cosine OF angle X" you are finding the ratio of two sides relative to angle X. In the case of the cos... Read More »

How to Calculate OBP?

On base percentage (OBP) indicates how often a baseball player gets on base. OBP is an indicator of how a player is hitting and running. Coaches, scouts and players monitor this statistic, as well ... Read More »