How to Calculate Mode Using Excel?

Answer Microsoft Excel includes a number of statistical functions, including the ability to figure the mean, median and mode of a data sample. While mean, the average of a group of numbers, and median, th... Read More »

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What Is Excel 2007 Compatibility Mode?

Excel 2007 has several features that are not supported in older versions of Microsoft Excel. Excel 2007 has a compatibility mode that limits many of its functions to match Excel 2003 and earlier ... Read More »

In windows excel, Which key can you press to switch to Edit Mode?

To answer your test and/or homework assignment, the choice is "B" (F2). This will put you into Edit Mode for the current active cell.F1 = HelpF4 = Print PreviewF6 = alternates displaying of menu/i... Read More »

How to Calculate the Mode of SQL?

In statistical analysis, the mode is the item that occurs most frequently in a group. If, for instance, you are sorting a bag of M&Ms by color, you may find you have 25 red, 13 yellow, 15 brown and... Read More »

How to Calculate the Mode of an Exponent?

In algebra, exponents are often used as a shorthand way to describe a very big number. For example, the number "one million" contains six zeroes. Rather than write out all of these zeroes, you can ... Read More »