How to Calculate Max Shear Stress?

Answer Shear stress is the distribution of shear force over an area. Any force that acts on a plane in a parallel direction is a shear force. If you hold a pencil in two tightly clenched fists and try to ... Read More »

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How to Calculate a Shear Stress?

Shear stress is the parallel force applied to an object. For example, two continental plates sliding past one another create shear stress. This type of stress is responsible for the earthquakes alo... Read More »

Allowable Shear Stress of A36 Steel?

The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, is an organization that standardizes specifications for materials, systems and equipment worldwide. One such standard involves steel. ASTM... Read More »

How to Calculate Effective Stress?

A collection of items on the surface of an object create an effective stress on that object, causing it to compress slightly. Determine the effective stress by finding the stress caused by each ite... Read More »

How to Calculate Stress for a Square Beam?

Finding the stress in a square beam is vital because it allows engineers to calculate the maximum load the beam can carry before failure. There are many types of problems you might work regarding t... Read More »