How to Calculate Marginal Revenue?

Answer Companies and businesses use financial measurements like marginal revenue to figure out how to optimize profits and balance costs. If you are in a leadership role, in accounting, or otherwise invol... Read More »

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What Is the Relationship Between Demand & Marginal Revenue?

In economics, two of the most important concepts are the relationship between supply and demand and the importance of decisions made at the margin. The interaction between these two concepts is ext... Read More »

How to Calculate Marginal Utility?

Calculating marginal utility is an important skill in economics. Marginal utility is the utility a person gains or loses by increasing or decreasing the amount of a specific good or service. A util... Read More »

How to Calculate Marginal Costing?

Calculating marginal cost lets you know the price to purchase or produce one more item. Marginal cost is defined as the change in cost divided by the change in unit of production. After calculating... Read More »

How to Calculate Marginal Profit?

Marginal profit is the derivative of the profit function (the same is true for cost and revenue). Use this marginal profit function to estimate the amount of profit from the "next" item to be produ... Read More »