How to Calculate Man Hours Lost From Employee Leave?

Answer Man-hours are used to estimate the amount of time required to complete a job. When an employee goes on leave, the number of man-hours that you can utilize is reduced. Calculating lost man-hours sho... Read More »

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How to Calculate Employee Leave?

Employee leave is defined as time off with pay for vacation, illness, holidays or other reasons. A commonly used term, PTO (for Paid Time Off) represents a combination of sick and vacation in a si... Read More »

When an employee is in an auto accident during business hours and the other driver decides to file a lawsuit for damages who is liable the employee or employer?

Answer If the employee was in a company vehicle, on company business, then the other driver would suit the company.But it also depends on where the accident took place, as the laws differ.

How to Calculate Family Medical and Leave Act Leave Time Used?

Calculating Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave time used can be difficult. When you add in factors like mandatory overtime and mid-shift starts, calculations become extremely difficult. Here's a... Read More »

Is it better to turn on the PC each two hours, or to leave it on for at least eight hours?

ok... the whole on off and hardware thing is a myth... mostly. It is true that you dont want to turn it off repeatedly, but it really isn't a big deal. You use more power when shutting down and boo... Read More »