How to Calculate Logarithms to Base 2?

Answer Logarithms were invented to simplify calculations in the days before computers. It turned out that logarithms are also useful for describing natural phenomena such as radioactive decay. The origina... Read More »

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How to Calculate Logarithms With an Online Calculator?

You do not need to have a calculator, or even a calculator utility installed on your computer, to compute logarithms. You can visit many free Web sites that calculate logarithms of any number you i... Read More »

How to Calculate on Base Percentages?

Statisticians and coaches use on base percentage in baseball to see how often a player reaches the bases compared to how many chances the player gets to hit. On base percentage is different than ba... Read More »

How to Calculate a Base-2 Logarithm?

A base-2 logarithm calculates the exponential power that 2 would need to reach the number indicated. Its form of log2 x = y can be translated as 2^y = x, which means 2 raised to the power of y equa... Read More »

How to Calculate the Base of an Isosceles Triangle?

The properties of an isosceles triangle include two sides of equal lengths and two angles with equal measurements, called the base angles. The base of the triangle is the side that is not equal in ... Read More »