How to Calculate Logarithms With an Online Calculator?

Answer You do not need to have a calculator, or even a calculator utility installed on your computer, to compute logarithms. You can visit many free Web sites that calculate logarithms of any number you i... Read More »

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How to Evaluate Logarithms With a Calculator?

An exponential is a number raised to another power, that is, multiplied by itself that many times. For instance, 2 to the 4th power is 2*2*2*2 = 16. Logarithms are the inverse of exponentials. T... Read More »

How to Calculate Logarithms to Base 2?

Logarithms were invented to simplify calculations in the days before computers. It turned out that logarithms are also useful for describing natural phenomena such as radioactive decay. The origina... Read More »

How to Calculate Secant in a Calculator?

Secant is the reciprocal value of cosine. This means secant equals one divided by cosine. In other words, the secant also equals the hypotenuse of a right triangle divided by the adjacent part of t... Read More »

How do I calculate taxes with a calculator?

Choose an Online CalculatorChoose one of several online tax calculators. These are tools on tax websites that allow you to easily fill in your personal information and estimate your taxes. Keep in ... Read More »