How to Calculate Lines of Latitude?

Answer Longitude and latitude are the geographic coordinates of the spherical Earth used to calculate location on the Earth's surface. Latitude and longitude lines are navigational tools that have been us... Read More »

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Are the lines of latitude parallel?

Lines of latitude are parallel with the equator, and are often referred to as the parallels. They are numbered in ascending order as they move either north or south from the equator.References:Wor... Read More »

What are latitude lines called?

Latitude lines are called "parallels" of latitude because they run parallel to the equator. Latitude lines run horizontally around the Earth. Longitude lines are the opposite of latitude lines. Lon... Read More »

Why do mapmakers draw lines of latitude?

Latitude and longitude are measurements called standard geographic coordinates used for locating points on the surface of the earth. Latitude lines are also called parallels, because they are paral... Read More »

What Do Lines of Latitude Measure?

Lines of latitude are imaginary reference lines that describe how far north or south a location on the Earth is from the Equator. Latitude is measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds north or sout... Read More »