How to Calculate Linear Velocity?

Answer Linear velocity is one of the most fundamental measurements in physics. Many other mechanical formulas deal with velocity. For example, acceleration is the change of velocity over time, while veloc... Read More »

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How Do You Calculate Velocity?

Velocity differs from speed because velocity is a vector, meaning it takes into consideration direction. When you give a velocity, it refers to motion in a specific direction. For example, if a rac... Read More »

How to Calculate Growth Velocity?

Growth velocity, or the speed at which something or someone is growing, is often tracked for children. Growth can be measured in length, such as the length of the body or even of one limb, or in ov... Read More »

How to Calculate Critical Velocity?

Critical velocity is defined as the maximum velocity of a liquid necessary to maintain its streamline flow -- the flow of a liquid, in which every particle follows the same path as the preceding pa... Read More »

How to Calculate the Average Velocity?

Average velocity differs from average speed because velocity uses displacement instead of distance traveled. For example, if you did a lap around a 1-mile track, finishing where you started, your d... Read More »