How to Calculate Limits Using Algebra?

Answer Limits are the values that functions approach as x approaches a certain number, which is generally infinity. Some Algebra classes cover the limit, and limits are always important in upper-level mat... Read More »

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How to Calculate Limits in Calculus?

Calculus students often find limit problems difficult to solve. This difficulty stems from the fact that limit problems are often the first encounter a student has with a math problem that cannot b... Read More »

How to Calculate Impedance in Algebra?

Impedance is a form of resistance in electrical circuits. The condition combines standard resistance plus reactance. Reactance is a frequency-dependent resistance associated with frequency-dependen... Read More »

How to Calculate Square Roots in Algebra?

Every positive real number, starting with one, has a unique square root. Multiplying the square root, r, by itself (r x r) yields positive real number x. Since negative numbers multiplied by one an... Read More »

How to Calculate a Percent Discount With Algebra?

One of the best ways to budget money is for consumers to find sales. Stores usually express a sale as either a percentage off the item's sale price or as a reduced sale price. If the store shows th... Read More »