How to Calculate Lever Length?

Answer Levers are one of the most basic machines, enabling people to lift heavier loads with less effort. The basic concept of a lever relies on torque, or rotational force. Torque is the force exerted by... Read More »

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How to Calculate Length?

The three measurable components of any object are height, length and depth. Length is defined as the longest distance of an object, be it over land, space or the dimensions of a solid object. Over ... Read More »

How do I calculate the length of an arc?

Divide the central angle of the arc by 360. This decimal will represent the fraction of the circle's circumference represented by the arc.Calculate the circumference of the whole circle by multiply... Read More »

How to Calculate Pushrod Length?

Modern automotive and lubricant technology has created engines that barely need to be touched, except for oil changes. A certain breed of automotive enthusiasts, however, lives and breathes to crea... Read More »

How to Calculate the Length of a Helix?

Helixes are found in both natural and manmade designs, from the curves in seashells or in the tendrils on a vine to spirals in a castle turret or the turn of a spiral staircase. And of course, ther... Read More »