How to Calculate Kurtosis & Skew?

Answer When you have a continuous variable (such as age, height, weight or IQ), collected on a sample, there are various ways of describing the distribution. A distribution is simply a statistical term f... Read More »

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How to Calculate Skew?

Skewness is a measure of symmetry of a frequency distribution. Symmetrical distributions have a "hump" in the middle of the distribution and a "tail" on either side of the hump. These have a skewne... Read More »

Can dehydration skew a cholesterol test?

On One Hand: Dehydration Can Skew Test ResultsAccording to, dehydration can alter the results of a cholesterol test. In many cases, dehydration will cause false low results. Al... Read More »

How to Make a Text Skew Perspective in Illustrator?

When you are creating graphics for advertisements, fliers and signs in Adobe Illustrator, you will find that you have to give as much thought to the appearance of your text as you do to any of the ... Read More »

Debian OS make returns warning: Clock skew detected?

It usually means that make has detected a file with a timestamp in the future. Check your system clock to make sure it's not wildly skewed. You can work around this by touching files before you fir... Read More »