How to Calculate Knots to Meters Per Second?

Answer A "knot" is a nautical mile per hour. A nautical mile equals the distance covered by one-sixtieth of a degree of latitude; it was originally used by sailors because it was simpler to measure latitu... Read More »

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Feet Per Second to Meters Per Second Conversion?

Measuring feet per second is useful for measuring stopping distance while driving a car. Measuring velocity in speed units may involve both English and metric measuring systems. When you need to co... Read More »

The Unit Conversion for Cubic Meters Per Second to Cubic Feet Per Second?

The rate of liquids flowing through open channels can be expressed in units of volume per units of time. Common measurement units are cubic feet per second, liters per second and cubic meters per s... Read More »

How to Calculate Airspeed in Knots?

Pilots typically provide passengers with an airplane's airspeed in miles per hour. However, when they communicate with air-traffic controllers, they give the speed in nautical miles per hour, or kn... Read More »

How to Convert Cubic Meters Per Second to Cubic Feet Per Second?

The meter is a unit of length in the International System of Units. Meters first began being used in the 18th century. The European Union standardized the system as legal units of measure. The Unit... Read More »