How to Calculate Knots to Meters Per Second?

Answer A "knot" is a nautical mile per hour. A nautical mile equals the distance covered by one-sixtieth of a degree of latitude; it was originally used by sailors because it was simpler to measure latitu... Read More »

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How to Calculate Airspeed in Knots?

Pilots typically provide passengers with an airplane's airspeed in miles per hour. However, when they communicate with air-traffic controllers, they give the speed in nautical miles per hour, or kn... Read More »

How to Calculate Liters to Meters?

Liters, abbreviated "l" or "L," is a common volume measurement for liquids. Meters cubed is the metric measurement for volume of any type. If you need to convert from liters to meters cubed, you ne... Read More »

How to Calculate Square Meters?

Square meters refers to the total area an object takes up, or, if you're measuring open space, the total area enclosed. For example, you might measure the area of a football pitch in square meters,... Read More »

How do I calculate cubic meters of concrete?

Measure the WorkCalculate the volume of cubic meters of concrete by measuring the construction object in meters and fractions of meters, and multiply the width times the length times the thickness.... Read More »