How to Calculate Joules?

Answer Named for English physicist James Edward Joule, the joule (J) is one of the cornerstone units of the International metric system. The joule is used as a unit of work, the application of force for a... Read More »

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How to Calculate Kilojoules to Joules?

A joule (J) is the amount of energy expended when one newton of force moves an object one meter. This unit is commonly used to measure work and energy. A thousand joules equals one kilojoule (kJ). ... Read More »

How to Calculate & Convert Kilocalories Into Joules?

Foods such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates all provide energy for the body. This energy is described in terms of calories or joules. The number of calories present in a type of food is the tota... Read More »

How do i calculate defibrillator power in joules?

Calculate Child's DoseWeigh the child. Some defibrillator models have an automatic child dose attenuator, and others you have to calculate the joules yourself. Divide the child's weight by 2.2 to c... Read More »

How many joules are in a refrigerator?

For every joule of electricity we put into a refrigerator we can extract up to 25 joules of heat from its contents.