How to Calculate Interest Payments on a School Loan?

Answer Making interest payments on a school loan before the repayment period begins is a simple way to reduce the financial burden of a student loan after college. If you qualified for a subsidized federa... Read More »

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How do I calculate car loan payments& interest rate?

Get your auto loan terms from your lender. If you do not yet have a loan, use a current average rate schedule to figure out what your interest rate could be. You won't know your exact interest rate... Read More »

How much will payments be on a $189,000 home loan with 5.5% interest for 30 years?

Payments on a home loan for $189,000 at 5.5 percent interest for 30 years, not including an escrow account for taxes and insurance or PMI, are $1,073.12 a month.References:Mortgage Calculator

How do I figure interest payments on a boat loan?

Figure Periodic RateDivide the annual interest rate by the number of payments you make per year. For example, if your boat loan has a 9.6 interest rate and you make monthly payments, you would divi... Read More »

How do i calculate interest-only payments?

Find the Periodic RateConvert the annual percentage to a periodic rate by dividing by the number of payments per year. For example, if you make monthly payments and your annual interest rate is 9 p... Read More »