How to Calculate Instantaneous Velocity?

Answer So we all know how to calculate velocity right?, Yes we do, but, when we calculate by dividing displacement by time taken we get the average velocity over the whole phase of the journey or time per... Read More »

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The Difference Between Velocity & Instantaneous Velocity?

Velocity and instantaneous velocity are terms that are most often used in the physics classroom. Because these two terms don't have the same definition, students who don't know the difference in t... Read More »

How to Calculate Instantaneous Voltage?

Many circuits experience a time delay between the time a voltage is applied and the time that voltage appears at the circuit. This time delay happens because capacitors in the system have to first ... Read More »

How Do You Calculate Velocity?

Velocity differs from speed because velocity is a vector, meaning it takes into consideration direction. When you give a velocity, it refers to motion in a specific direction. For example, if a rac... Read More »

How to Calculate Linear Velocity?

Linear velocity is one of the most fundamental measurements in physics. Many other mechanical formulas deal with velocity. For example, acceleration is the change of velocity over time, while veloc... Read More »