How to Calculate Independent T Test?

Answer An independent t-test is a statistical test used to determine the difference between the mean, or average, values of two mutually exclusive, normally distributed and randomly selected data sets. Th... Read More »

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How do I calculate delta for an independent t-test?

Determine Group MeansSum the values for the experimental group, and divide the sum figure by the number of subjects to determine the group mean. Repeat this calculation for the control group. This ... Read More »

How to Calculate Independent Probability?

Independent probability refers to the probability that two or more unrelated events occur. For example, you might want to get two heads in a row when you flip a coin. The result of the first time t... Read More »

How to Interpret an Independent T Test in SPSS?

The independent, or unpaired, t-test is a statistical measure of the difference between the means of two independent and identically distributed samples. For example, you may want to test to determ... Read More »

Can you file taxes as an independent if your W-4 does not have you as an independent?

Yes. An employer uses the Form W-4 information to calculate federal tax withholdings on an employee's paychecks, but a person can still elect the personal exemption on a tax return as long as no on... Read More »