How to Calculate How Much 16 Gauge Wire to Make Jump Rings?

Answer Jump rings are simple, C-shaped rings used as links to connect elements in jewelry and clothing. Some jewelry is constructed entirely from jump rings, resulting in a straight chain or chainmail pie... Read More »

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What kind of wire is used to make jump rings?

Because jump rings can vary by size and color, jewelry artists use between 16- to 22-gauge copper, silver, aluminum or craft wire. Wire gauge measures the thickness of the wire; therefore, larger n... Read More »

What wire should you use to make jump rings for stained glass?

You can make your own jump rings for stained glass by wrapping 18-gauge, tinned copper wire around a wood dowel, then customizing the length with a pair of wire cutters.References:Praire Stained G... Read More »

How to Calculate 220 Volt Wire Gauge?

The gauge of wire you need for your 220 volt circuit depends on how many amperes will be running through the wire. The higher the amperage the bigger the wire. Wire gauges run contrary to what you ... Read More »

Is 18 gauge remote wire the same as a regular 18 gauge speaker wire?