How to Calculate How Many Cords Are in a Tree?

Answer Whether you are taking down trees in your landscaping project or figuring out how much firewood you will need for the winter, being able to estimate the cord total from your trees is a useful abili... Read More »

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If cords are too short for a room from a surround sound system..are there longer cords for sale?

Hi, As long as it isn't one of them DVD/Blu-ray Home theater in a box type surround systems a lot of electrical retailers will sell speaker wire on a huge roll and they sell and cut by the metre. I... Read More »

Does an HDTV come with any cords, or do I have to buy cords?

most will come with composite cables but u will probably have to buy your own hd cables. Get either HDMI cables which carry hi-def video and 5.1 dolby digital. or a nice set of components, remember... Read More »

How to Calculate the Height of a Tree?

Landscapers frequently need to calculate the height of a tree before felling it. A variety of methods work for estimating a tree's height without measuring it directly. One such method uses the hei... Read More »

How to Calculate Tree Volume?

Tree volumes are generally expressed in cords. A cord is a unit of volume equivalent to 128 cubic feet. It's pretty hard to picture that in your head when looking at trees, but with a tape measure ... Read More »