How to Calculate How Far Something Travels?

Answer Calculating how far something traveled is a useful algebraic calculation to master. The calculation is foundational to many calculations made in physics or calculus. It also has very practical appl... Read More »

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A train travels at 75 miles per hour. if it travels for 2.5 hours, how far does it travel?

In one hour, this train travels 75 miles.In 2 hours, it can travel twice that, which is 150 miles.And in half and hour, it travels half of 75 miles, which is 37.5 miles.Add it up, it's 150 plus 37.... Read More »

How to Calculate 1/6th of Something?

A fraction expresses a non-integer, meaning the number is not a whole but rather a part of a number. In mathematics, terms in word problems describe fractions and whether to add, subtract, divide o... Read More »

How to Calculate the Percent of Something?

Calculating the percentage of something is necessary if you want to find out of the proportions between two quantities. Some percentage calculations are easy and can be done without any helping too... Read More »

How to Calculate the Total Error of Something?

Total error is used to find the measurement of error between a set of estimates and the actual results. Total error is used in many ways -- sports statistic calculations, scientific estimation and ... Read More »