How to Calculate Heat Capacity?

Answer Definition: The heat capacity of a body is the amount of heat energy required to raise its temperature by 1 degree Celsius or 1 Kelvin.(Source: Standard 10 Physics book)Formula: heat capacity=(Amou... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Heat Capacity of Metals?

The heat capacity of a metal specifically affects the amount of heat required to produce a certain temperature change in the metal. Heat capacity varies from metal to metal, and it varies depending... Read More »

What is the heat capacity of air?

The specific heat, or heat capacity of air is 1.01 J/g(degree C). In order to raise the temperature of one gram of air one degree Celsius, 1.01 Joules of heat are required.Source:Specific Heat and ... Read More »

How to Find Heat Capacity?

All materials can be heated up. Some can be heated more easily than others. A cast iron pan will get hotter than an aluminum pan will when left on the same burner for the same length of time. Thoug... Read More »

What is the heat capacity of glycol?

Liquid ethylene glycol, commonly used as engine coolant, has a constant pressure heat capacity of approximately 149.5 J/(mol*K). Measurements of the heat capacity remain the same at temperatures fr... Read More »