How to Calculate Grid Reference?

Answer Maps are diagrams representing areas, including places and other landmarks. Defining one place in relation to others necessitates using a system of coordinates capable of pinpointing an exact spotP... Read More »

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What is a grid reference?

The term “grid reference” relates to a reference used in correlation with a map or chart that uses a series of numbers and/or letters to indicate locations on said map. A grid reference can be... Read More »

What is a six-figure grid reference?

A six-figure grid reference is a more precise way of locating a specific point on an existing four-figure grid. The main benefit is that an existing grid that is in place does not have to be recons... Read More »

How to Find the Six Digit Grid Reference on a Topographic Map?

Grid referencing systems, frequently used in military applications, allow users to locate a specified, blocked section of a topographical map sectioned off into grids. These systems vary in accura... Read More »

How do I calculate distance between grid coordinates?

Subtract the CoordinatesSubtract the x-coordinates of the first point from the x-coordinate of the second point. For example, if the grid coordinates are (-4, 2) and (3, 1), subtract -4 from 3 to g... Read More »