How to Calculate Grades for Lab & Lecture?

Answer Lab grades work in conjunction with lecture grades to make your total course grade. Depending on how the school and course are laid out determines how exactly to determine your final grade. The wei... Read More »

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How to Calculate Grades Online?

Once your semester has ended, you might be curious what your grades are, or during the school year, you may want to see what other grades you will need to earn for a certain letter grade. Aside fro... Read More »

How to Calculate Elementary Grades?

Grading can be a time of dread or joy for both teachers and elementary students. However one feels about it, grading elementary students on their progress is an essential step in helping guide fut... Read More »

How to Calculate Month End Grades?

Calculating month-end grades involves finding the average. The task can be more complex if you decide to place "weights" on certain areas, such as tests, homework and classwork. Usually a great dea... Read More »

How to Calculate Overall Grades?

When going to school one of the most important things are grades. Grades determine class rank and grade point average. The most common way a professor grades a class is by dividing the class into d... Read More »