How to Calculate GPAs in the US?

Answer Universities in the United States measure grade point average (GPA) on a four-point scale. With basic arithmetic, you can calculate the average over an entire year, semester or college career. Your... Read More »

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How to Convert Percentages to GPAs?

Many colleges and universities use your grade point average as a criterion for admission. If you went to a school that reported grades using the percentile system, you may need to convert the perce... Read More »

How to Count GPAs in Kindergarten?

Knowing how to count your child's grade point average (GPA) in Kindergarten can make the difference between noticing if your child is having trouble and if she has to be challenged more often. Kind... Read More »

Essay Topics on the Importance of GPAs?

Keeping the grade point average up proves challenging to many students, leading some to question why they bother trying at all. When next composing an essay, give these GPA importance doubters some... Read More »

List of New York City Colleges That Accept Low GPAs?

According to the College Board, there are four four-year colleges in New York City that accept all high school graduates, regardless of grade point average. Two of these schools are part of the Cit... Read More »