How to Calculate GPA for Home-Schooled Students?

Answer Whether a student is home-schooled or attends a public or private school, colleges require a grade point average, or GPA, as part of the student's transcripts. While this is usually not a problem f... Read More »

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Should Extracurricular Activities Be Offered for Home Schooled Students?

Adding extracurricular activities to a home school program is a great way to enhance the educational experience for students in every grade. While many schools and organizations do offer activities... Read More »

How to Turn in Transcripts if I'm Home Schooled?

A high school transcript provides a detailed record of a student's high school career, including subjects studied, grades earned and extracurricular activities. Students who complete high school as... Read More »

How to Have a Life when You Are Home Schooled?

Home schooling is fun, but it can be a little tricky making friends. Sometimes, we need to get out of our shell, sometimes we just need to find the right opportunities. but being home schooled shou... Read More »

How to Get a High School Diploma If You Are Home-schooled?

A high school diploma is an indication of completion of basic courses in math, science, English, social studies and electives. It is very important to have a high school diploma when seeking employ... Read More »