How to Calculate GDP Two Different Ways?

Answer GPD stands for gross domestic product. This term describes the value of all the final goods and services produced in a given country over a period of time. GDP is often discussed in courses on macr... Read More »

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If you have two different two ways but different frequency then can you comunicate between them?

How do I calculate the different tax rates on cigarettes from two different states?

Cigarettes are subject to taxes throughout the United States. The federal government imposes a tax on all cigarettes sold in the U.S. no matter where they are sold. How much each state charges in c... Read More »

Different ways to put in contacts!!?

I pull my lower lid down and sort of put the contact as low as i can on the white of my eye. Then i slide it up in place. Looking directly at a finger coming into my eye freaks me out.

How to Create Pdf on Mac in 6 Different Ways?

You may feel overwhelmed when creating PDF files in windows, however, it is simple and full-featured under MAC. If you are a Mac user who is crazy about reading, editing or making pdf documents, th... Read More »