How to Calculate GCF When Given Two Numbers?

Answer The greatest common factor (GCF), also known as the greatest common divisor (GCD), represents the largest number that divides into each member of a set of two numbers. Smaller GCFs can be quickly c... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Sum of N Numbers?

Calculating the sum of a series is a simple process when the series is short. Suppose that you are asked to calculate the sum of first three integers. In this case, N is equal to 3 and the sum equa... Read More »

How to Calculate Probablilty of Numbers?

The probability of a number is the likelihood that the number will occur within a set of possible outcomes. You might want to investigate the probability of a number in a game of chance. For exampl... Read More »

How to Calculate a Variance Between Two Numbers?

Variance is a common formula used in statistics. Variance looks at how much a number is different from the mean of all the numbers. In order to calculate the variance between two numbers, you need ... Read More »

How to Calculate Fibonacci Numbers?

The Fibonacci sequence is a famous mathematical progression that is found almost everywhere in nature -- from the nautilus' shell to the branching of trees to the flowering of an artichoke -- and c... Read More »