How to Calculate GC Response Factors?

Answer A gas chromatograph (GC) is a sophisticated instrument commonly used for chemical analysis. A response factor for a GC is simply the ratio between the concentration of a chemical being analyzed on ... Read More »

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How do I calculate email response rate surveys for research?

Subtract the number of undeliverable emails from the total number of email surveys sent to get the total number of possible email responses--sample size (see References section) Divide the number o... Read More »

How to Calculate Weighted Factors?

In mathematical terms, a factor is any of the numbers multiplied together to form the product of a multiplication problem. Weighting numbers allows you to give more importance to one number over an... Read More »

How to Calculate Weighting Factors & Regression?

Regression involves the calculation or prediction of a criterion variable (e.g., sales figures) from a group of predictors (i.e., the number of salespeople, the amount of advertising, and the regio... Read More »

How to Calculate Marks With Weight Factors?

Teachers award marks, or grades, on a variety of criteria. Sometimes teachers give different weight factors to different assignments or different categories of assignments. For example, if a teache... Read More »