How to Calculate GC Response Factors?

Answer A gas chromatograph (GC) is a sophisticated instrument commonly used for chemical analysis. A response factor for a GC is simply the ratio between the concentration of a chemical being analyzed on ... Read More »

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How do I calculate email response rate surveys for research?

Subtract the number of undeliverable emails from the total number of email surveys sent to get the total number of possible email responses--sample size (see References section) Divide the number o... Read More »

How to Calculate Weighted Factors?

In mathematical terms, a factor is any of the numbers multiplied together to form the product of a multiplication problem. Weighting numbers allows you to give more importance to one number over an... Read More »

How do I calculate compound interest factors?

Divide the annual interest rate by the number of times the rate compounds. Add the amount to one. Raise the amount to the power of the number of times the deposit compounds. For example, an investo... Read More »

How to Calculate Weighting Factors & Regression?

Regression involves the calculation or prediction of a criterion variable (e.g., sales figures) from a group of predictors (i.e., the number of salespeople, the amount of advertising, and the regio... Read More »