How to Calculate Frictional Force?

Answer One of the most basic physics problems that high school students encounter involves calculating the frictional force on an object. The frictional force on an object keeps it from sliding around ran... Read More »

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Ways to Increase Frictional Force?

Friction is an important force of nature that you deal with everyday. Friction affects the way you walk, your ability to pick up things and even your ability to drive down the street in your car. F... Read More »

Why Frictional Unemployment Occurs?

Frictional unemployment is unemployment that arises from workers and employers going through the process of finding good matches for their labor and company. It's also known as "search unemployment... Read More »

How to Calculate Force?

Force is the "push" or "pull" needed to be exerted onto an object to make it move or to accelerate it. Newton's second law of motion describes how force is related to mass and acceleration. This la... Read More »

How to Calculate Wind Force?

Wind load, sometimes referred to as wind force, is an important consideration for architects, structural engineers and anyone else who plans to build a structure that will be exposed to the wind. I... Read More »