How to Calculate Friction Loss?

Answer Friction robs devices of their performance capacity, whether it's a sled headed down a snowy hill, car tires rolling down the freeway, or water shooting out of a fire hose. While each device has it... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Force of Friction?

Friction is a force between two objects in contact. This force acts on objects in motion to help bring them to a stop. The friction force is calculated using the normal force, a force acting on obj... Read More »

How to Calculate Velocity With the Coefficient of Friction?

When you apply your car brakes, the forces of physics are working on your behalf. Friction is a force that retards motion, and can bring moving bodies to a halt. The amount of friction you can expe... Read More »

How to Calculate dB Loss?

Decibels (dB) determine the relationship in signal strength between two sources. When the power of the first signal outweighs that of the second, a loss occurs. Use the formula for finding the deci... Read More »

How to Calculate a Win Loss Average?

Knowing your win-loss average can be important whether you are a coach, a teacher or a gambler. Your win-loss average is essentially a numerical representation of quantified outcomes. This number i... Read More »