How to Calculate Final Drive Ratio?

Answer The final drive ratio determines how many revolutions your engine must develop for each rotation of the wheels. It depends on the drive ratio of your transmission, the number of teeth on the pinion... Read More »

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How to Determine Final Drive Ratio?

Remember the day you finally satisfied your last math requirement, in high school or college, and you rejoiced, certain in the knowledge that the useless years of study were finally behind you. In ... Read More »

Definition of a Final Drive Ratio?

The final drive ratio is used in the car industry and tells how many rotations your motor must make for each rotation of the wheels. This ratio is among several ratios used for comparing and determ... Read More »

The Effect of Larger Tires on a Final Drive Ratio?

Replacing a car's wheel-and-tire package with a larger diameter tire can give it a whole new look and performance envelope. However, the dynamic effect of tire replacement should be taken into acc... Read More »

How to Calculate Final Drive Gear Ratios?

In an era of energy consciousness, final drive ratios of engines and drive trains in cars and trucks have become increasingly important. Final drive ratios are selected by drive train designers to ... Read More »