How to Calculate Escrow?

Answer Whether you have have just purchased a home and are in the process of navigating the the fine-print on your mortgage statement in hopes of dissecting the many pieces that make up your monthly payme... Read More »

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How to Calculate an Escrow Payment?

Escrow is frequently associated with real estate transactions. A lender will often require a mortgagee to place a certain sum of money into a special escrow account held by a third party financial ... Read More »

Why Do I Need Title and Escrow?

While you don't have to use the services of title and escrow companies when purchasing real estate, using them protects your interests and investment. Real estate laws and practices vary by state, ... Read More »

Refinancing & Escrow?

Refinancing a house works much the same way as a home purchase. With the exception of inspection instructions or termite inspections, all other processes are similar to that of securing a new loan ... Read More »

What is a software escrow?

Software escrow is when a software's source code is in an escrow account. A third-party unassociated with the software's developer owns the account. If the developer is unable to continue working o... Read More »