How to Calculate Energy From Deceleration Force and Time Curve?

Answer The energy required to decelerate or slow down a moving object over a period of time will be in the form of work. This energy can be calculated from a deceleration force and time curve by manipulat... Read More »

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How to Find Time in a Deceleration Problem?

Deceleration represents the rate at which velocity is lost. It is written in distance divided by time squared, such as feet per second squared, miles per second squared or meters per seconds square... Read More »

How to Calculate the Energy Payback Time when Investing in New Equipment?

If you are considering investing in new technology in your house with a view to saving money on your energy bill, you should do the calculations to make sure it is really worth doing. Here are some... Read More »

How to Calculate Detonation Energy From Velocity?

Learn to estimate the detonation energy of an explosion when given the velocity of an object thrown by the explosion. Such a problem comes up frequently in physics courses and relates the kinetic e... Read More »

How to Calculate Force From Velocity?

The first equation taught in dynamics is F= ma which is "force equals mass times acceleration." This equation describes the force that must be exerted on an object of known weight or mass as it is ... Read More »