How to Calculate Distortion in Flexo Printing?

Answer Press some Silly Putty against the Sunday funnies and then wrap the Silly Putty around a soup can. Notice how the characters are now elongated and distorted. That, simply put, is the distortion pro... Read More »

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How do I calculate the cost of inkjet printing?

Inkjet SuppliesKeep complete and accurate records of any supplies used for ink jet printing, which can include individual ink cartridges, paper products or even the printer itself. Make careful not... Read More »

How to Fix Mic Amp Distortion?

Distortion happens when the incoming audio is too loud for your equipment to handle. Frequently, this sound is desirable, such as when you're distorting a guitar for a more aggressive sound. Except... Read More »

Aside from greyscale printing, is there a tool for printing in red scale?

yes, if you have adobe photoshop you can print in whatever color scale you want

Hi i want to buy a printer for printing A4 sheets that have low cost of printing help me to find?

if you are a home user and want to take print 1-2 every day you should purchase a 3-in-1 printer that comes about Rs.3000-4000. they have photocopy feature, coloured printout, scanning of A4 size p... Read More »