How to Calculate Distance Travelled by Pacing?

Answer Pacing is the practice of calculating the distance you have traveled based on the number of steps you have taken. This can be a very handy piece of knowledge, especially if you're out hiking or wal... Read More »

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How to Find the Distance Travelled on a Graph?

When you plot distances on graphs, you can easily find the horizontal and vertical distances traveled. However, you cannot simply add the horizontal distance and vertical distance to find the diago... Read More »

Elements of Instructional Pacing for ESL?

Teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL) face special challenges in making course content available to students with limited English skills. Teaching English to Limited Learners (ELL) require... Read More »

How to Calculate Distance?

Calculating distance is a simple formula when you know how to do it !!

What is the formula to calculate distance?

The formula to calculate distance is: Distance = Rate x Time. For example, a car is traveling at 60 mph and drives for 2 hours. To find the distance traveled, you set up the problem as: 60 mph x 2 ... Read More »