How to Calculate Days Between Two Dates by Hand?

Answer There are two methods by which you can calculate the number of days between two dates. The first is to simply count the days off on a calendar. The second method utilizes basic addition and subtrac... Read More »

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How do I calculate the days between two dates?

FormulaDetermine the number of days in each month. For example, June and September have 30 days. May and December have 31. Add the number of days of each month. Add any additional days not accounte... Read More »

How do I calculate days of inventory on hand?

Days of Inventory on HandAdd the company's beginning inventory to the ending inventory and divide by two to calculate the company's average inventory. Divide the company's cost of goods sold from t... Read More »

How to Calculate Age From Two Dates?

Figuring out a person's age requires that you know the date of birth and the current date. Many forms asks users to fill in their birth date, but not their age. Calculate the age with basic math sk... Read More »

How do i calculate the day of the week by dates?

Find DoomsdayCalculate "Doomsday"--a date that always fall on the same day of the week in every year. Divide the second two digits in the year to find a quotient (Q) and remainder (R). Divide the r... Read More »