How to Calculate Cost Per Acquisition?

Answer 100 years ago there was no Internet and therefore no need to market it. Today there's an entire profession dedicated to the art of Internet marketing. As such, there are also several metrics that a... Read More »

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Calculate the cost of a cellular phone bill if the cost of the phone for one month is 10.00 the service is 19.95 per month and the calls are 0.15 per minute for 25 minutes?

Debt Acquisition?

A firm may reduce bad debt expense by selling noncollectable or charged-off amounts to debt acquisition companies. Bad-debt expense represents amounts an organization may not recover from customers... Read More »

How to Analyze an Acquisition?

Companies often buy out other companies (called "acquisition") for several reasons. 1 company may no longer have the funds needed to continue to operate effectively and decides to sell, or 2 compan... Read More »

How to Calculate Cost of Revenue?

The cost of revenue, commonly known as the cost of goods sold, is an accounting figure that shows the cost incurred by a company when manufacturing a product. Determining the cost of revenue is imp... Read More »