How to Calculate Cosecant, Secant & Cotangent?

Answer The cosecant, secant and cotangent are all reciprocal trigonometric functions. They are calculated in similar ways to the conventional functions sine, cosine and tangent to solve for unknown angle... Read More »

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How to Graph Cosecant, Secant & Cotangent?

The two basic trigonometry functions are the sine and cosine functions. The sine function is the "y" coordinate of an angle on a unit circle, and the cosine function is its "x" coordinate. The othe... Read More »

How to Graph Secant and Cosecant Functions?

The trigonometric functions are useful for more than surveying. They're often used to model periodic phenomena, i.e., phenomena that are repeating. Most people are familiar with the basic sine, cos... Read More »

How to Calculate Secant in a Calculator?

Secant is the reciprocal value of cosine. This means secant equals one divided by cosine. In other words, the secant also equals the hypotenuse of a right triangle divided by the adjacent part of t... Read More »

What are secant piles used for?

They are a means of building retaining walls.